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Fan: what’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had?

Logan: The worst nightmares are the ones where like, the ones where someone’s trying to get your family, you’re like, you can’t like, scream, and stuff.

Kendall: -laughs- oh wait where you’re trying to scream but nothing else happens.

Carlos: What about the ones, the ones, that you like, you know you’re dreaming and you’re trying to wake up, but you just can’t. You guys know that?

Kendall: This, this reminds me - have any of you guys had dreams that your adult teeth were falling out? 

Carlos: YEAH!

Kendall: It’s like the worst because you’re like, -puts his hands in his mouth- “NO THAT’S THE ADULT TEETH”.

Logan: Dude, that’s awful. That’s horrible.

James: I had a weird dream when I was younger, that there was a skeleton pushing a box towards me - I know it doesn’t sound very scary, but it’s SCARY.

Logan: It’s a scary box, AHHH.

James: The skeleton was laughing, okay.

Logan: OH MY GOD, NO!

James: And then my brother would put on a skeleton mask, and do the same thing, and it wasn’t cool. Like, GETTHATBOXAWAYFROMME.

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Logan: “Alright, we got, a question for all of the girls out there in the audience. I wanna know, how many of you girls are looking for a boyfriend.”

Crowd cheers.

James: “Alright, good.”

Logan: “Well that’s a good thing, because we’re looking for girlfriends! Hey!”

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